Astrology Tips


Symbol - The Ram

Ruling Planet - Mars

Element - Fire

Body Part - Head and Face

Favored Possessions - Metal Sculpture, Caps, Fireplaces, Red Sweater

Communication Style - Direct

Home Style - Bold and Casual

Colors & Metals - Red, Spring Green, Iron

Food, Plants, Flowers - Hot Peppers, Onion, Thistle, Holly, Honeysuckle

Partnership Style - Ardent and Fun Loving

Ruling Passion - Desire to be first

Philosophy - Charge ahead and see what happens

Gemstone - Diamonds, Malachite

Wishes & Goals - To initiate enough projects to keep life vibrant

Unconscious Desire - To be comfortable following instead of leading


Symbol - The Bull

Ruling Planet - Venus

Element - Earth

Body Part - Throat, Neck, Thyroid Gland

Favored Possessions - A Piggy Bank, Real Estate, Soft Scarves

Communication Style - Deliberate

Home Style - Comfy and Relaxing

Colors & Metals - Pale Turquoise and Pink, Copper, Bronze

Food, Plants, Flowers - Spearmint, Berries, Daisy, Fig Trees, Cypress

Partnership Style - Steady and Sensual

Ruling Passion - Desire to be Secure

Philosophy - Touch Conveys More than Words

Gemstone - Clear Green Emerald

Wishes & Goals - To Create an Economically Safe and Comfortable World

Unconscious Desire - To Possess Everything


Symbol - The Twins

Ruling Planet - Mercury

Element - Air

Body Part - Shoulders, Hands, Lungs

Favored Possessions - A Ceiling Fan, Pens and Pencils, Books/Magazines

Communication Style - Talkative and Witty

Home Style - Airy and Uncluttered

Colors & Metals - Light Blue, Light Yellow, Mercury

Food, Plants, Flowers - Caraway, Nuts, Myrtle, Lily of the Valley, Chestnut Trees

Partnership Style - Charming and Changeable

Ruling Passion - Desire to Gather and Communicate Ideas

Philosophy - Two is Better than One

Gemstone - Blue Zircon, Aquamarine

Wishes & Goals - To Keep Life and the World Interesting

Unconscious Desire - That Thoughts Could Become Reality Immediately


Symbol - The Crab

Ruling Planet - The Moon

Element - Water

Body Part - Breasts, Chest, Stomach

Favored Possessions - Childhood Mementos, Antiques, Home Gadgets

Communication Style - Feeling and Sentimental

Home Style - Traditional and Soothing

Colors & Metals - Grey, Dark Blue, Silver

Food, Plants, Flowers - Milk, Shellfish, Maple Trees, Verbena, Water Lily

Partnership Style - Nurturing and Protective

Ruling Passion - To Live in Tune with Moods and Feelings

Philosophy - Family and Feelings First

Gemstone - Pearls, Moonstone

Wishes & Goals - To Protect Personal Feelings

Unconscious Desire - To Control the Personal Environment


Symbol - The Lion

Ruling Planet - The Sun

Element - Fire

Body Part - Heart, Spine, and Back

Favored Possessions - A Mirror, a Star, a Throne like Chair

Communication Style - Dramatic and Commanding

Home Style - Snowy and Large

Colors & Metals - Bright Yellow, Orange, Gold

Food, Plants, Flowers - Walnuts, Bay Leaves, Rice, Sunflowers

Partnership Style - Generous and Dominant

Ruling Passion - To Live in the Spotlight

Philosophy - Emphasize Generosity and Forgiveness

Gemstone - Ruby, Cat's Eye, Amber

Wishes & Goals - To Reign Over an Entertaining World

Unconscious Desire - To Follow Instead of Leading


Symbol - A Maiden with a Sheaf of Wheat

Ruling Planet - Mercury

Element - Earth

Body Part - Intestines and Nerves

Favored Possessions - Desks with Many Compartments, Pets, Clothes with Detailed Patterns

Communication Style - Precise and Detailed

Home Style - Organized and Serene

Colors & Metals - Beige, White, Dark Green, Mercury

Food, Plants, Flowers - Grains, Carrots, Cardamom, Lilacs

Partnership Style - Reliable and Considerate

Ruling Passion - To Organize Thoughts so they can be Effective

Philosophy - Service to Others in the way to Quiet the Mind

Gemstone - Jasper, Pearls

Wishes & Goals - To Create a Tidy Orderly World

Unconscious Desire - To Revel in Messiness


Symbol - The Scales

Ruling Planet - Venus

Element - Air

Body Part - Kidneys and Adrenal Glands

Favored Possessions - Silk Anything, Jewelry, or Pieces of Art

Communication Style - Indecisive and Fair

Home Style - Beautiful and Luxurious

Colors & Metals - Pastel Greens and Blues, Copper, Brass, Bronze

Food, Plants, Flowers - Bonbons, Berries, Apple Trees, Roses

Partnership Style - Idealistic and Eager to Please

Ruling Passion - To Create Personal and Social Harmony

Philosophy - Go to Extremes to Find the Middle Way

Gemstone - Opal

Wishes & Goals - The World should be Beautiful and Balanced

Unconscious Desire - To Express Directly


Symbol - The Scorpion, The Eagle, and The Phoenix

Ruling Planet - Mars and Pluto

Element - Water

Body Part - Reproductive and Elimination Organs

Favored Possessions - A Locked Box, a Margnifying Glass, Clear Crystal

Communication Style - Secretive and Sarcastic

Home Style - Private and Dark

Colors & Metals - Maroon and Black, Plutonium and Iron

Food, Plants, Flowers - Caviar, Garlic, Hawthorn, Rhododendron, Calla Lilies

Partnership Style - Loyal and Passionate

Ruling Passion - Passion and Power

Philosophy - Going through the Dark Parts of Life Brings Light

Gemstone - Onyx, Garnet

Wishes & Goals - To Penetrate the Mysteries of Life

Unconscious Desire - To Be Possessed


Symbol - The Archer

Ruling Planet - Jupiter

Element - Fire

Body Part - The Hips, Thighs and Liver

Favored Possessions - Large Furniture, Goblets, a Wheel of Fortune

Communication Style - Expansive and Enthusiastic

Home Style - Wide Open and Rustic

Colors & Metals - Rich Purples and Blues, Platinum

Food, Plants, Flowers - Mulberry, Cinnamon, Oak Trees, Carnations

Partnership Style - Good Natured and Sometimes Fickle

Ruling Passion - Honesty

Philosophy - High Minded Thoughts Improve the World, and if they Don't, have a Good Time

Gemstone - Topaz, Sapphire

Wishes & Goals - To Live in a Free, Rambling World

Unconscious Desire - To Find an All Encompassing Philosophy


Symbol - The Goat

Ruling Planet - Saturn

Element - Earth

Body Part - The Knees and Skeletal System

Favored Possessions - A Briefcase, Fine Arts, Powter Ware, Fine Wool Clothes

Communication Style - Serious

Home Style - Classic and Conservative

Colors & Metals - Brown, Black, Ivory, Dark Green, Lead

Food, Plants, Flowers - Meat, Beets, Ivy, Pine Cones, Elm Trees

Partnership Style - Committed and Concerned with Pratical Comforts

Ruling Passion - Desire to Reach the Goal

Philosophy - Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Gemstone - Turquoise, Amethyst

Wishes & Goals - To Live with a Clear Hierarchy

Unconscious Desire - To Throw Caution to the Wind


Symbol - The Water Bearer

Ruling Planet - Uranus

Element - Air

Body Part - Ankles and Circulatory System

Favored Possessions - Lamps, Eletronic Gizmos, Unusual Hats

Communication Style - Erratic and Eccentric

Home Style - Eclectic and Airy

Colors & Metals - Electric Blue, Violet, Aluminum

Food, Plants, Flowers - Kiwi Fruit, Kumquat, Elderberry, Birds of Paradise

Partnership Style - Unconventional and Cool

Ruling Passion - Desire to Live a Unique Life

Philosophy - Individuals and Friendship make the World Go Round

Gemstone - Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli

Wishes & Goals - To Create a Brotherhood of All People

Unconscious Desire - To Dictate how People should Relate to Each Other


Symbol - Two Fish Tied Together

Ruling Planet - Neptune

Element - Water

Body Part - Feet

Favored Possessions - An Aquarium, Comfortable Shoes, and a Yin/Yang Symbol

Communication Style - Emotional and Vague

Home Style - Fantasy Oriented, Neat and Cocoon like

Colors & Metals - Purple, Sea Green, Black/White, Platinum

Food, Plants, Flowers - Fish, Cucumber, Chicory, Pussy Willows, and Orchids

Partnership Style - Devoted and Imaginative

Ruling Passion - To Feel Comfortable in the World

Philosophy - Love is the Greatest Motivator

Gemstone - Amethyst, sapphire

Wishes & Goals - To Incorporate Intuition in Everyday Life

Unconscious Desire - To Retreat from Harsh Realities



An Initial Consultation for an hour reading is $146

Half Hour Appointments Are $72

Retainers For Telephone Access Start At $100. Time Will Be Subtracted According To The Above Rates.

Checks Or Paypal Accepted.



Constance Stellas is one of those rare astrologers who has maintained a commonsense approach by building on the basics. Advanced Astrology for Life reflects this approach and can lead anyone who is interested into the rarified atmosphere of excellence.

Born of a Greek background and firmly grounded by her astrological background and studies there, Constance Stellas has been an astrologer for over 20 years. She practices primarily in New York City and her clients range broadly in backgrounds, from the arts, to academia, and business. Constance maintains dual citizenship and leads astrology workshops both in the US and Greece, including a workshop at the Oracle at Delphi. Constance has been featured in publications including the New York Times, Marie Claire, Working Woman to name just a few, and has been a guest on various national radio shows as well as local morning shows. Her column in PRESTIGE Magazine/Singapore was read throughout Asia. And for seven years she advised callers on the nationally broadcast SiriusXM radio show, BROADMINDED.

For five years, Constance held a position as “House Astrologer” at Felissimo in New York City where she used her expertise in astrology to advise clients on personal style, feng shui and gift giving. This job led her to write one of her four books, The Astrology Gift Guide.

Constance's first book, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things, (November 2000, Simon and Schuster),is a day-by-day guidebook that draws on numerology, astrology, and the Kabbala to pinpoint, according to your birthdate, exactly which materials and objects you need to fill your life with fortune and happiness. It has gone into a second printing and has been featured in the Illinois Star, The Star Ledger, The New York Times and the Bernardsville News.

Her second book, The Astrology Gift Guide, (Penguin Putnam 2002) is a unique gift-buying guide that uses individual profiles for each astrological sign to help choose the perfect gift for anyone. The book highlights personality profiles for each sign and then lists gift ideas for each sign in three price ranges.

Geared towards the reader with a basic knowledge of astrology, Stellas wrote Advanced Astrology for Life, which teaches astrological techniques and highlights how to use astrology to enhance daily life. It guides the reader through key decisions at home, work and in relationships. Chris Lorenz, of Dell Horoscope, writes: Constance Stellas is one of those rare astrologers who has maintained a commonsense approach by building on the basics. Advanced Astrology for Life reflects this approach and can lead anyone who is interested into the rarified atmosphere of excellence.

In her latest book, The Everything Sex Signs Book, Astrology Between the Sheets (Adams, December 2006), Constance combines astrology and psychology to uncover a potential lover’s preferred seduction style, fantasies and turn-ons. The book has gone into a second printing and recently was published in in French.

Constance’s latest project is the graphic novel series Tree of Keys. Twelve orphans become Astro Heroes based on qualities of each of their star signs, and of course, save the world.




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