Monthly Forecast


Sometimes I think the planets are just too too much; just when we would like calm sailing Uranus upsets us or Mars fires us up. We do have benefic Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon to buffer the storms and wise sailing means emphasizing those energies. Keeping the benefic planets in mind, August is a relatively calm month. The motto for this month is “don’t push it.”

As I mentioned in last month’s forecast, Jupiter has moved back into Aquarius indicating a surge in COVID that will last until the end of the year. With precautions I don’t believe there will be another shut down. Wear a mask, and follow the three C’s: avoid Crowds, Close social encounters and Closed in spaces.

There are no eclipses this month and both Venus and Mars are in earthy Virgo. It is a good time for paying attention to details, organizing things at work, and being mindful of good health practices.

From August 16-August 22 there are four planets and the Sun in their rulership signs. Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Libra and the Sun in Leo. This means there is free expression for these energies. If any of these signs are prominent in your chart you will feel energetic and creative.

August 22 marks the beginning of the Sun in Virgo and the transition from Summer to Autumn. The very same day there is a Full Moon in Leo. Perhaps we feel a melancholy buzz as we know summer is waning, but Leo is still roaring. See if you feel introverted or extroverted on this Full Moon.

From August 24-28 there are multiple Lunar aspects that may lead us to feel a heightened awareness of opinions that are different from our own. Avoid talk of conspiracy theories or any conversation that assumes everyone knows the “underground truth.” Don’t go there: it will turn your mind and energy upside down. And the month finishes with a Grand Earth trine between The Moon, Mercury, and Pluto. The trine is a flowing aspect and when in earth it grounds us.

Be well,