Monthly Forecast


This month of the Sun in Libra moving to Sun in Scorpio is noteworthy because we start off with 6 planets retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Retrograde planets can’t express their energy in a free flowing easy manner. The Fall season begins but there seems to be many impediments and lethargy. However, one by one, all of the planets except Uranus and Neptune turn direct and we finish October with more forward motion.

From October 1-October 5 we are in the last quarter phase of the Moon. With Fall temperatures creeping in you might want more sleep and feel very lazy waking up. October 6 marks the New Moon AND Pluto Direct. Pluto has been retrograde since April 27 and combined with the New Moon this should be an energetic, powerful day. Each New Moon encourages us to set new intentions and goals for the month. Pluto going direct symbolizes grabbing and/or giving power. Politics may be divisive (as usual) and personally you may feel you need to express your needs and desires more openly. Since the New Moon in Libra conjuncts with Mars in Libra, assert your feelings but don’t go overboard. Libra is the sign of balance.

On October 17 Jupiter, called the great Benefic, goes direct. He has been retrograding since June 20th. This is a positive development for the economy, your personal budget, and business plans. If you want to start a business venture Jupiter direct is an auspicious time. Plus, on October 18, Mercury straightens out. Many people know that this pesky Mercury transit happens 3 times a year and take precautions with electronics, communications, and signing important documents. When Mercury is goes direct we feel clearer with Jupiter direct also this marks an advantageous time.

The Full Moon on Wednesday, Oct 20 should be energetic! Luna in Aries forms a T-Square with the Sun, Mars, and Pluto. I have mentioned T-Squares before. They are a planetary pattern that denotes a seesaw of energy while balanced on a powder key. Keep cool

On Friday Oct 22 (Pacific time) and early Saturday, Oct 23 (Eastern time.) The Sun moves to Scorpio….the Halloween season vibe begins. The planets are opportune for tricks, treats and maybe bringing out that kooky costume in your closet. Halloween was originally a Celtic holiday called Samhain when farmers donned costumes and lit bonfires to scare ghosts away from their crops. In the Wicca tradition Samhain denoted a period when the veil between the spirit world and earth was exceptionally thin. BOO.