Monthly Forecast


Air, Earth and a bit of Water...that is what I am calling this September. We are in earth sign Virgo, for most of the month but on September 22 the Fall Equinox begins when the Sun moves to Libra. In addition to air sign Libra, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are also in the air element and after September 15, Mars joins the crew in Libra. Air signs focus on communication, relationships, ideas, and idealistic thinking. A good Fall plan, I think. The phrase I will keep in mind for September is: new thoughts can lead to new actions.

The first week of September may feel somber as we are in the last quarter lunar phase called the dark of the Moon. This is a time for deep rest. You may notice that your dreams seem to come from far off. A good air influenced occupation is to write them down and see what they suggest to you. And we celebrate the end of summer with easy fun. Tomatoes and corn are still in season.

September 6-12 marks the beginning of the New Moon cycle. The planetary energy is buoyant and projects begin to percolate. Labor Day corresponds with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, adding to a feeling of New Beginnings.

September 13-19 brings changes to the beneficent feeling we began with the New Moon. On Friday, September 17, there is an inharmonious T-Square between Moon and Saturn in Aquarius joined with Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. These fixed signs are stubborn and do not encourage cooperation. Not much can get done when everyone is convinced they are right. The weekend promises to be easier.

The Full Moon occurs on September 20th in Pisces and forms a conjunction with Neptune…a very spacey vibe for a full moon. This can bring daydreaming and confusion to the fore. A good use of this full moon is imagining your future in the long or short run. Compassionate Neptune may encourage you towards creative projects or patience with the projects you have been working on. Being with your pets is also a good use of this Full Moon. On Sept 22 the Sun moves to Libra initiating Fall. Every season begins with the Sun’s motion into a Cardinal sign. They are Aries (Spring) Cancer (Summer) Libra (Fall) and Capricorn (Winter). Those born under one of the cardinal signs are leaders. As Cardinal Libra is the sign of diplomacy and peacemaking the planets, both personally and globally are leading us towards harmonious problem solving.

We end the month with our friend retrograde Mercury which begins on September 26th and lasts until October 18th. No Complaining! We know this planetary aspect as it occurs 3 times a year. Watch your communications, avoid purchasing computers, postpone signing important documents, and plan for extra time for traveling and making appointments. Mercury asks us to flow along with good planning and ease.

I wish you a very good Fall,