Monthly Forecast


July weather wise in the Northeast is the hottest month of the year. Astrologically speaking, however, a lot of the planetary stress and challenges that we experienced with the eclipse at the end of May and mid-June has dissipated. July has planetary difficulties but there are buffers. My general advice is: spend as much time as you can outdoors, ocean or forest, and take a rest.

There are T-squares throughout the month (check either my May or June forecast for a discussion of T Squares.) A forceful one is on July 4th. Many of the divisions in our society may come to the surface. Watching fireworks with plenty of space around you is good; protesting violently whatever cause you feel is important is not good. On the Fourth due to a T Square, there is the possibility for tempers to flare and celebrations to turn into an angry protest.

July 9 marks the New Moon in watery Cancer. Of all the signs of the zodiac Cancer is the most sentimental and nostalgic. Feelings wash over Cancerians and memories of days and years gone by are front and center. The beach is the place to be. The ocean’s calming waves soothes Cancerians as well as all the other signs.

As Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Leo is ruled by the Sun. And from July 12-18 Leo wants to strut. Both Venus and Mars are in Leo, this is a time for new fashions, a haircut, flashy make-up anything that says Look at Me. We all have to flaunt it every once and a while.

And the Sun moves to Leo on July 22. Good that we had some practice with Leo flair from July 12-18.

The Full Moon for this month is in Aquarius and on July 23. All full moons heighten our senses and restlessness. Aquarius full moon might also bring unusual insights and surprising solutions to personal and global problems. Think Big and Different is the Full Moon’s message.

At the end of the month both Venus, on July 23, and Mars, July 30, move to the sign of Virgo: Earth rather than fire. A good time for clarifying details, exercising consistently, and if there is clutter in your life, throwing it out!

And on July 29 Jupiter retrogrades to Aquarius. He has been in his co-rulership sign Pisces since May 14. I don’t want to finish the forecast with a downer, but this position recalls some of the heights of Corona virus shutdowns. It is possible that we will see a surge of the new variant. Vax and Mask help.

Good Summer and Good sailing.