Monthly Forecast


This month brings us a Solar Eclipse and the Summer Solstice. Eclipses always come in pairs: Lunar and Solar. We had a total Lunar eclipse on May 26 and the Solar Eclipse on June 10 is an annular Solar eclipse meaning that the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment. Eclipses generate powerful cosmic energy. Babies born at either solar or lunar eclipses have a special destiny. In India today Ayurveda practitioners advise people to forego eating during a Solar eclipse as food can more easily spoil. The general advice I give clients is to avoid major decisions in the week leading up to either a lunar or solar eclipse.

If you are up around 5:24 am, June 10, on the East Coast you may see a partial eclipse covering the Sun. The eclipse starts on the northern shore of Lake Superior, moves across Canada, Greenland and ends in Russia. Across these areas the eclipse is total, and spectators may see the “ring of fire” as the moon blocks the sun. The eclipse in these areas is visible from 8 am to 1PM.

Leading up to the Solar eclipse (June 1-7) Mars is harmoniously connected to Neptune. Mars agitates and Neptune encourages spacey-ness and contact with what I will loosely call higher vibrations. This is a time to float and not try to climb the mountain literally or metaphorically. On the other hand, on June 6 and 7 Mars encounters Pluto. Raw desire and power are the themes and it is a time to make energetic progress in the good. Pluto may put up roadblocks, but he can help you get to the fundamental truth about your pursuits. These are powerful planets so on the mundane sphere watch out for driving maniacs and be careful in crowds. People may be very edgy and vent frustrations.

The eclipse will dominate the week leading up to June 10th and afterwards the buzz will calm down.

On June 14th we have the second Saturn square Uranus. The first was February 25 Saturn gives us delays and emphasizes conservativism; plus, we are in a retrograde Mercury so expect double delays. Uranus wants to explode with new ideas and stir up chaos. This period is like trying to put the breaks on a race car. Tensions arise with this tug of war. If you recall your mood, actions, or events in the news around February 25 you will have an idea of what this energy of the square represents.

Smoother sailing begins from June 14-20 when we have a Grand Air Trine. Trines mean an easy flow of energy and when three air planets are involved (Moon, Mercury, Saturn) as they are during this time. it is a called A Grand Air Trine. Even though Mercury is still retrograde the trine stimulates ideas, real communication, and relationships.

And Happy Days! The summer Solstice is June 20th. This marks the longest day of the year and warmer temps. More sunlight brings good health and the opportunity to be outside assists in good moods. And on June 22 the retrograde Mercury comes to an end. How did you fare? Sometimes it is a doozy and other times not so bad.

Returning to the Trine aspect, from June 21-27 we have a Grand Water Trine involving the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune. This is the time to go with the ebb and flow of your feelings. The general atmosphere is calmer and more compassionate.

Yes, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24 but not every full moon is a heightened energy event and this one in earthy Capricorn solidifies the journey we have taken through June.

Good Summer and Good sailing.