Monthly Forecast


We started December with a Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius. Not visible in the US but certainly consequential for the chart of the United States. The eclipse was directly on the nation’s Ascendant. Unfortunately, political infighting will ramp up this month. With the prolonged fight against COVID and the new variant, Omicron, the lines between health, safety, and politics are blurred. The stars best advice is to keep cool, wear a mask, and wait until more information emerges. This is a restless, edgy time.

We also have 2 planets changing signs this month. Mars moves to Sagittarius on December 14 and Mercury to Capricorn. Mars in Sagittarius is very touchy when thwarted. Best to keep physically active to detour mounting frustration. Mercury in Capricorn is subdued, practical and very concerned with the current economic situation. He will help us concentrate on inflation, supply chain problems, and unknown factors regarding the new face of work as we sort through the effects of the pandemic.

On December 19- January 29 we have one of my least favorite celestial events: Venus Retrograde. Venus rules all the arts, luxury items, aesthetics, and love. Watch and see if you suddenly decide to re-decorate with a chartreuse sofa or a very expensive, unusual piece of furniture. RESIST! Your aesthetic taste is retrograding. And when Venus turns direct you will say how did I get such an ugly sofa? Also romance beginning in Venus retrograde does not go smoothly and it is not a time to get married.

The year finishes with 3 unfortunate aspects. Two T-squares on December 22 and 29 involving Moon, Saturn, and Uranus. And then on Christmas Eve we have the last of the fixed sign squares. I have written before about the square energies of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn says conservative and slow; Uranus says new and explosive solutions. The tension between these two fixed signs is stubborn and Scrooge like. Let’s say these aspects are the last hoorah for quarrels and inflexibility. On December 30, Jupiter moves to his ancient ruler, Pisces. The generous and expansive gifts of the great benefic, Jupiter. will I believe bring compassion for the world’s health and political situation and initiate fundamental positive change.

I wish you all good holidays and peace of mind.