Monthly Forecast


After a few celestially uneventful months November brings us to a concentration of Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in powerful Scorpio and a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus. A good mantra for this month is BEND.

Can you imagine the awe eclipses inspired in ancient times? The Sun “goes out,” and the moon is hidden. The ancients saw eclipses as harbingers of great changes in society and so they can be. The lunar eclipse we have in November affects people with aspects (connections) between their personal planets and the degrees of the eclipse. Solar eclipses are stronger than Lunar. This month’s eclipse is at 27 degrees of Taurus and will be visible in the morning in North and South America, Northern Europe, East Asia and Australia. Countries falling in the eclipse path may see unexpected changes.

The general “rules” for the week of an eclipse is avoid making big decisions and changes. Even if the eclipse is not figured in our personal charts there is a general sense of restlessness and desire to DO something; however, it might not be a wise move. You might consider writing a journal about how you react to eclipses.

The November New Moon is on the 4th. A New Moon always brings increased energy and desire to work on new projects. Because Scorpio influences this month so heavily it is a good time to bring your intention to habits and psychological upsets that you would like to transform. I wish many of our leaders would take the hint also. And the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 19 can bring a transformation to completion. Lunar eclipses always come with a Full Moon.

November 8 through the 14 has some stubborn aspects. The T-Square between Mercury/ Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus and Square Moon Saturn in Aquarius does not encourage flexibility and cooperation. Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, are all fixed signs: enormous power without the ability to bend. Note where you are inflexible and do your best. Provoking superiors at work or officials is not a good idea.

Nov 22-30 marks the shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Sagittarian energy is buoyant and expansive. It is the best time for Thanksgiving when we can truly share our blessings. This year Thanksgiving comes with more opportunities to see family and friends after the long shutdown. Maybe one of your transformations is to enjoy the celebration and avoid old squabbles.

Good eclipse to all,