Monthly Forecast


One of the gifts of Astrology is to be able to see ahead and interpret what the planets' motions mean for individuals and societies. I am never sure whether accurate predictions help us to change the results but knowing in advance does help with fear. And this past year 2021, we have had personal and national episodes of fear which have divided and polarized many people.

This year calms some of these tensions. We are not out of the woods with COVID and the current variant is a worry. It will lessen as we move into February and the period of time from February to April 21 will show fewer cases and serious repercussions.

We have 4 retrograde Mercury periods this year. This is one more than usual and I believe it will help us all slow down and practice patience. The first retrograde begins January 14, then May 10, September 9, and finally December 29, 2022. Mercury retrograde is pesky not dangerous, follow me on twitter to learn strategies for coping. @stellastarguide

We begin the year (currently) with a Venus Retrograde which will end January 29. I mentioned this transit in December's post. Save your money and avoid buying luxury items is the way to pass through Venus' retrograde. We end the year with a Mars retrograde beginning October 30 through January 12, 2023. This is a serious transit. When Mars is retrograde anger flares and conflicts in the world and our nation can foment. Personally, Mars retrograde is not the time to let your temper rule. Your aggression will provoke more aggression and a simple conversation can spin out of control.

The most important astrological event for 2022 is the US Pluto Return on February 22. This means that Pluto will return to the position it held in the natal chart of the US. This has never happened before. Pluto is named for the god of the underworld and symbolizes riches and great power, but Pluto's tactics can be ruthless. My hope is that our Pluto return will begin the process of fair distribution of power economically and socially as well as overhauling the health insurance system for care rather than profit. The divides that we see very plainly in the country cannot remain if we are to maintain ourselves. The Pluto Return could also mean that the US position as the leader of the world will diminish as we use our resources to fix our social and infrastructure problems. Transformation will come with this Pluto Return and as COVID subsides the hope is that we will see more examples of people working together for everyone's benefit.

Predictions can be slippery as we humans always have choices. And when predictions involve governments, leaders, and multi-faceted situations they can be uncontrollable, even when interpreting the stars.

With this in mind these are patterns that the stars tell me for 2022.

The stock market will be weak. No crash but no great gains

Inflation and economic hardships (supply chain disruption) will remain due to COVID disarray

Donald Trump's chart is not strong neither for re-election nor running again. His legal past may catch up with him to his detriment

No all-out war. Russia will continue provoking conflict

Urban crime will decline and more emphasis on social programs to help the homeless and mentally ill will gain strength

Gains in vaccinations and other medical treatments for COVID. We are not out of the woods but getting closer

I wish you all a healthy and abundant New Year.